Extra Stretchy Cast On


  • […] a lace edge that moves, this is even more important. We covered in a previous Tuesday Tip on the elastic cast on, now it’s time to end our project […]

    February 10, 2015
  • Andrea Miller

    Watching this marvelous cast on again, I am right away struck by the two specific techniques to give it more room – one is the index finger plant to separate the stitches and the other is the “pivot around the world” which adds additional twist to make the cast on stretchier. A corollary question I would now like to ask: I note that this was demonstrated with each cast on stitch being a knit stitch. If the cast on were to be done in pattern, say casting on knits where there would be a column of knits (in 1×1 or in 2×2 ribbing, say) and casting on purls where there would be a column of purls, does the DIRECTION of the pivot then change if the cast on stitch was a purl vs a knit? For instance, I notice that the pivots here were all done scooping back behind the needle and coming up underhand to the front of the needle. If there were a pivot to introduce if a purl had been created, would it be executed by coming forward from the needle then diving front to back? (Still underhand? or is the pivot ever overhand?)

    I am hoping I was able to make myself clear – I really wondered what happens with the added twist when executing a purl stitch in this cast on. Thanks!

    November 13, 2015
    • I don’t change the twist for a knit or a purl. I do it the same way. Glad you like it!

      November 13, 2015
      • Andrea Miller

        Oh, thank you, just in time, for I am ready to cast on today for my sweater and now am completely clear how to proceed!

        November 13, 2015

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