Vogue Knitting Live Chicago!!


  • Andrea Miller

    You are a Chicagoan? I would have sworn you were a NYC native!

    About your gauge class, is that filmed anywhere for any of us who were not lucky enough/able to go where VKL was? Is it part of any of your new classes or is this something you may be thinking of independently formulating and filming? (if you can share)

    Gauge is where it begins! Would love learning the best ways of managing gauge from you!

    October 11, 2015
  • Andrea Miller

    Thanks for writing, Zontee, I had thought I was replying to a post of Patty’s which is why the comment about being from Chicago! Are you a gauge teacher? Craftsy needs you! Or the rest of us need you who may not be on Craftsy.

    October 11, 2015
    • Hi, it was me Patty . . . that wrote:

      I haven’t yet filmed the gauge class with anyone. You could always write to Craftsy and request my advanced gauge class to be filmed. I might end up filming that myself and selling the DVDs through my website. Stay tuned. Yep born and bred Chicagoan

      There’s some weird glitch in my WordPress app and when I’m logged on my phone as ME, it thinks I’m my webmaster. It’s really me, Patty

      October 11, 2015
      • Andrea Miller

        🙂 Good to know, and if it had been Zontee it would have been fine but since it was you, hooray, and maybe the gauge class will become a THING! Many of us have been writing regularly to Craftsy to feature you again for a class and I continue to hope they will bite. There are rumblings about the current gauge/swatch class they are offering that make it sound like a class such as yours would be an especially welcome addition, but truly, your gauge (or any other) class new to Craftsy would be utterly welcome on its own. Thank you for your excellence in teaching! I will need to keep an eye on any Phoenix events in case you would be coming out to Arizona for them (Tucson is just too small, I fear). Maybe in 2016?!

        October 11, 2015

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