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Streaming Online

Come work with Patty one-on-one from anywhere in the world!

Private online lessons -

My “behind the scenes” camera switching view.

Private lessons are done on Take Lessons. It’s totally simple, with no special software needed.

I use two cameras and can switch back and forth between my front camera, over head camera and even pattern documents, photos and power points!

Fees & Class Policy

  • Private lessons are
    • $65/45 min
    • $90/60 min
    • $120/90 min
  • Lessons can be rescheduled up to 36 hours in advance.

How to Book Your Lesson

To schedule your private lesson

Private lessons online!


  1. Select Private lesson.  Select your lesson (knitting)
  2. Select location – online
  3. Click “View Lesson Packages” – you will be prompted to create an acct.
  4. Choose your lesson length (60 – 90 min recommended)
  5. Choose how many lessons you’d like to book.
  6. You can write to me a bit with what you’d like to learn.
  7. Once we have a firm time to book, you will get an email confirmation and you’re all set!

How to Take an Online ClassPrivate online lessons -

 • Access your computer’s mic and camera
 • Internet Explorer, Firefox & Safari browsers.

I have a front camera on my face so we can talk and an overhead camera shooting my hands so I can demo and teach. I will be switching back and forth between the two cameras.

For most students they just use the front camera on their computer, laptop or tablet. However if you’d like me to be able to see your hands you could use a tablet on a stand (like the ipad pictured here) and hold your hands in front of it.

Private lessons online!


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