Read twice, Knit once

So, I’m cruising along a few nights ago on my Sarah Tank Top, and I’m feeling a stockinette malaise setting in. Kind of getting bored, kind of itching for a little yarn over, purl together action. So I measure and I think “yeah, it’s time for the cool edge pattern that repeats in the center of the top”. I happily knit a whole round until I realize that I forgot to do the increase round you need to do before the pattern. %#@$%!!! Unknitting a whole round of pearl togethers and yarn overs is a stone cold drag.
Meanwhile, back in to the world’s most tedious project. My friend Zeena saw a black, white and grey braided scarf last winter (for $45.00!). I told her “screw that, I’ll just make you one”. I’ve been knitting working on it on and off for eleven months. Knitting three REALLY long strips of knit two, purl two in sock weight yarn is so boring. I keep the strips rolled up so I can carry them on the subway easier. It makes it look cooler than it is.

tomorrow I’ll tell you all about my crazy knitting weekend (Park Slope Knitting Circle on Thursday, NJ Sheep and Wool Festival Sunday, Knit out NY and Sit n’ Knit NY on Sunday)

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  • Wendy September 18, 2006   Reply →

    You’ve certainly had quite the knitting summer – I’m so jealous of that lovely knitting nook in your garden – I didn’t even bother to plant this summer because it was too darn hot, and I knew I’d be lazy about watering.

    I wish the links on your sidebar worked for me – great links!

    To get listed in Google, you somehow index yourself – I would go to google, and then go the help topics. I think you’re automatically indexed through Blogger now that it’s google, but I’m not sure – it takes a few weeks to start coming up in searches.

    Glad you like the show/blogs, etc! and welcome to the knitting blogosphere!


  • Annie September 18, 2006   Reply →

    It as great meeting you on Sunday! And happy to know you have a blog, woo hoo! 🙂

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