Spinning is like crack!

So I spun my first 6 oz of wool. It’s incredibly addictive. All I can think of is my next roving fix. Oh sure it starts with a free drop spindle and a bit of wool, next you’re buying a few dollars worth of roving, next thing you know you’re cruising eBay looking for Spinning Wheels.

Here’s my crazy drop spindle made from CDs and my first spindle full of wool.

My first 3 oz. were pretty chunky. Christina gave me a bit of blue roving. I practiced on it and plyed it with a commercial yarn. I knit this sad little swatch with me very first plied yarn:

After a little practice, I took a shot at the other 3 oz. of wool. I did a little better on the old drop spindle. I Kool Aid dyed both plys a light raspberry. I meant it to be a lot darker, but I didn’t use enough Kool Aid. David kept threatening to drink it because it smelled “so sweet and tasty”.

Here’s my first ply before and after Kool Aid dying:

I built the bizarre little cardboard box contraption that Christina drew for me. I was initially going to ply each 3 oz spindle with commercial yarn, but I decided to ply them together after all.

And finally, days later. . . 65 yards of pinkish chunky, hand spun, hand dyed wool. YEAH!

I’m doomed!!!!!!!

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  • Brooke September 22, 2006   Reply →

    Yes, you are doomed! I’ve recently started learning how to spin on a drop spindle and it is soooooo addictive! I like the pinkness of your handspun! Very soft and pretty.

    I am a member of SP9 and stumbled across your blog. (I’m a new blogger as well) Hope you have a great time with the swap. I know I can’t wait to start!

  • Christina September 23, 2006   Reply →

    What a beautiful cardboard tensioned Lazy Kate! (I’ll have you talking like a spinner in no time!)
    That blue stuff looks good. I think it had Angelina in it. (That’s the sparkly stuff.)

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