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  • girl, you been busy!!! lovely summer projects, and a fab
    deck to sit N knit!
    soon crisp fall weather ill be upon us- and-more yarn…

    September 17, 2006
  • Hey Girly,

    I found you! It was awesome meeting you today. You’ve been busy this summer. That’s what I’m talking about. Your project are all fab. Totally ot, but do you think you could enable anonymous moderated comments. I don’t use my blogger blog for blogging. Ha, that was a mouthful. Anyway I’ll add my blog here, so you can visit me sometime

    September 17, 2006
  • Hi there. I’m really sorry you had problems with my pattern. Please let me know what size you knit so I can try to fix the issue. I would definitely rather know there is a problem and fix it as soon as someone detects it. Most pattern designers do.

    October 01, 2006
  • You are absolutely right. I should have gone on the internet and looked for the way to contact you. My apologies

    I knit it up for size small. The biggest problem with the pattern is how far you get before you realize the math doesn’t work. Usually patterns have the number of stitches you should have after each step. There are no stitch updates between the CO and the 58 stitches for neck (if you follow your math you will come out at 55 at that point).

    Also, may I suggest for the increases and decreases before and after marker you define them. I used the paired decreases and increases featured in the “Honeymoon Cami” on It makes a really nice side.

    October 01, 2006

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