Life – knitting interruptous

It’s begun, or ended. Those lazy days of summer knitting are over. I’ve been crazy busy lately, and it’s just going to get worse. Last week I spent a whole day at Jersey Boys starting to learn the show as best I can before we go into rehearsal on Monday. I watched it from out front during the matinee, and then from the calling desk in the evening (that’s a busy call!). We went to the Berkshires for the weekend (more about what happened on that weekend in a later post – I’ll explain later). The colors were just a bit past peak, but still GORGEOUS! Here’s a few pics from the trip.

(Lenox, MA)

(Pleasant Valley Wildlife Preserve)

We stayed in a great B & B called the Rookwood. Really pretty, great breakfast. We had a fab room with a woodburing fireplace and a little porch.

(our cute little porch)

On our way back to the city we stopped to do a little hike in a park called Bash Bish Falls. . . FAB!

On the knitting front, it’s been slow going. Last week I ran out of yarn on the Red Scarf Project scarf. I went to Smileys, where I was pretty sure I got the yarn from, but I couldn’t find a match. UGGGGG! It’s my first cable scarf, so I had no idea how much damn yarn it takes. I bought more yarn, and started again. I cast off my tiny 48″ scarf for David (you can still wear it around your neck, just can’t really wrap it all the way around).

and then cast on again:

As for the Spring Fling, I’ve made some headway on that. Much knitting done in the car, not much anywhere else.
The pattern has you casting off the back, and the two front sections, and then sewing them together. Screw that! Three needle bind off is the name of the game baby!

Today is my last day to get things done (like blog). I have tons of fall work in the garden today, dig up and divide the Iris’ plant the Poppies, new Iris bulbs, cut down the Lillies, dig up the Petunias, and put in the Crocus bulbs. All this fall work, and I won’t even be here in the spring to enjoy it. I’m going to be dependant on David to send me photos. What a drag.

tomorrow I head off to my family reunion and pass out the many knit gifts I’ve made. . . scarf for Colin, scarf for Rachel, and baby set for Mike’s little girl.

More later.

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  • HPNY Knits October 22, 2006   Reply →

    hey there, I thought you’d be out west already!
    how’s the knitting?

  • Patty October 22, 2006   Reply →

    nope, not yet. We go into rehearsal tomorrow (Monday 23rd). We rehearse in NY then hit the road in mid November.

  • Theresa October 26, 2006   Reply →

    I love that slice of fall. Thanks for the gorgeous photos.

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