How much yarn CAN you fit into a trunk

It’s almost here. The time to leave for god knows how long. I leave a week from today – oy.

Last week we had a little goodbye party at one of our fave local restaurants, Long Tan. It was a mellow, nice evening with a couple dozen friends. Thanks to all who braved the subway to get to Brooklyn. A big shout out to my pal Beth Leavel (Tony winner for Drowsy Chaperone – can’t help it, I’m so proud) who came out to Brooklyn for the FIRST TIME IN HER LIFE . . . girl, ya gotta get out more.

(me & Beth – god I look short!)

Today I’ve been on the computer doing show paperwork from 9:00 – 1:30 pm. Now it’s time for a quick post, and to start to pack the trunk.

I started to set out all the yarn I was going to take, and I realized it would fill my whole damn trunk. Ah, the Stage Manager’s hamper is the way to go. Thanks to a giant tote that I got when working at Lincoln Center, I managed to cram 4 or 5 future projects in one place. Thank goodness for 5 tour hampers!

The trunk will hold my beloved TIVO, the next few knitting projects that I need right away, needles, spinning stuff, some knitting books, shoes, coats etc. . .

I finished spinning the roving my pal Francesca brought me back from Rhinebeck. It’s gorgeous! I’d love to leave it a single ply, but I don’t know how spinners get all the twist out if they don’t ply it. Any suggestions all you spindle guys and gals???

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  • Anonymous November 17, 2006   Reply →

    to make it untwisty without plying it, you have to “set the twist” in the yarn.
    To do this you soak the yarn in warm water for a few minutes and then hang it as a loop somewhere with a weight on the bottom. I usually hang mine on a clothingline with a windex bottle hanging on the bottom. Once it is dry, it will no longer be twisty! Enjoy your single!

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