knitting for spatial justice

This will mean more to New Yorkers. . . Knitting on the subway.

We’ve all seen them, we’ve all sat next to them, or tried. The people on the subway, usually men, sometimes women, who just take up more space than they should. On the newer subway trains, the bench between the door and the post seats three, normal human buttocks. Usually when I see those men that sit with their legs spread wide open trying to take up two seats, I say “excuse me”, take my seat next to them, force their legs closed with mine and enjoy my rightful seat on the subway. Today there was a woman who decided, in rush hour, to take up two spaces. I said “excuse me”, she moved two inches, I squoze between her sizable self and the post. There was still 4 or 5 inches to her other side, which she chose to keep open. I took out my knitting, and in the normal action of knitting, knocked her arm (that was hanging directly over me), with every stitch. She said “why you knocking into my arm, do you have to do that?” I replied with a smile that would melt butter “no I don’t, you’re free to move over the 5 inches to your right”. A few more stitches and she started to slowly inch to the right. By the end of the row, she was taking up the space of one large person.

Tonight we ended rehearsal early so our director, Des McAnuff could attend the dedication of his cartoon at Sardi’s. I opted out of going so I could get a little work done. Now it is 8:15 pm and I am stopping work for the night YEAH!!!! I’m going to do a little spinning, knitting, watch some TV and try to spend the night not thinking about Jersey Boys.

We got our trunks delivered today. I could fill the whole thing with the yarn I need to take for my upcoming projects. Thank god that Stage Manager’s also get a touring hamper and a road box. Knitters do not travel light!

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  • Cindy November 10, 2006   Reply →

    I definitely hear you about the people on the subway taking up more room than they should! It can also be annoying when people take up less room than they should, like the other day when I had this woman sitting rightontop of me, when there was 3 seat spaces of room to her left. But good for you, standing up (civilly too!) for your right to a place to sit and knit on the subway. =)

  • Christina November 12, 2006   Reply →

    That is awesome!!! I love your passive aggression!!! I’d probably do the same, but I would have apologized when she said something. We miss you at the meetings!

  • Patty November 12, 2006   Reply →

    I miss you guys too. I’m packing today, leave for San Fran in 6 days . . . AHHHH. My spinning is getting a little better. I’ll photograph the newest (toilet paper roll) spindle full of yarn on my next post

  • Nettie November 12, 2006   Reply →

    I love both the use of the word “sqouze” and your attack on rude train riders using knitting. 😉

  • Sharon G. November 12, 2006   Reply →

    Oh my gosh, this is one of my biggest pet peeves. Ugh. I can’t stand it when people feel like they have a right to just s-p-r-e-a-d their ASSets all over the seats. Good for you – I would’ve had a hard time being remembering my home training. 😉

  • Martha November 15, 2006   Reply →

    Claim your space!! If that doesn’t work you can always sharpen the tips of your needles and take it to the next level!

  • Martha November 15, 2006   Reply →

    Claim your space! If that doesn’t work you can always sharpen the tips of your needles and take it to the next level!

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