The show that ate my knitting

At the end of my second week of rehearsal for Jersey Boys, I’ve barely had time to knit (or sleep or eat). For those of you who have never had the joy (and I mean that both genuinely and sarcastically at the same time!) of working on a Broadway show or National Tour . . . it is 15 hours a day, 6 days a week. Today is my day off. It’s 3:30 pm and I’m finally sitting down to do something other than work.

The subway is my time to knit. If I time it just right, I skip the 8:17 train (packed) and take the 8:20 am 2/3 subway line from beautiful Brooklyn to Terrible Times Square. I can usually get a seat, and get at least a few rows in. The ride home is usually reserved for a 20 minute subway nap (the BEST) before arriving home and hitting the computer to work on the show.

I’ve made some progress on my Spring Fling:

Just need to finish up the sleeves. I work on that on the subway, because I can do the lace pattern from memory. The cable scarf for the Red Scarf project is coming along a bit slower. I still need to refer to the cable chart, because it’s my first cable job.

The other thing I finally had time to do today was work a bit in the garden. It was time to take in the last of the vegs. What cracks me up about our late season vegetables is the scale. They are either too small . . . the ones that started to grow last, and will not have time to finish growing before the frost, or HUGE. There were beans that I missed when harvesting the last batch, and then the GIANT potato I dug up after getting rid of the sweet potato vines.

Tiny eggplants and tiny beets:

Crazy huge green beans and sweet potato:
Right now my life feels like those vegtables, totally out of scale. Too much work, not enough – anything else. I’m living for 5 weeks from now. Then the show will be opened, I’ll be settled in in San Francisco, and knitting again. One of the cast members knits, and there are two other women who are anxious to learn. We’re all going to go to Chicks with Stix, a Monday night knitting group that meets up in a bar – brilliant!

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  • Necia November 5, 2006   Reply →

    Hey Patty,

    You ran across my mind today! I know how it feels to seemingly only work. Don’t worry, normalcy will return. In the meanwhile, them rows will add up and be an fo soon enough. Take care, and have a drink for me.


  • Patty November 6, 2006   Reply →

    I will. I’ll just keep plugging away. Just heard the NY1 road and rail report and the 2/3 is going local . . . means a few more rows done!

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