9 show weeks both blow & suck!

Well, it’s almost 10:00 pm on Monday, and I’m finally settling in for some TV and blogging. I didn’t make it to Chicks with Sticks tonight, but I’ll be back after the holidays. Today was just too filled with chores, and the whole day got away.

Last week at Jersey Boys was a nine show week and two understudy rehearsals. That equals . . . working in the theatre Tuesday night, and all day and night Wed – Sunday. Ugh. One great thing that broke up the week and woke us all up was Jarod Spector, our second Frankie, going on for the first time. He was terrific. It was really exciting to see. It’s so great to have two actors playing Frankie who each bring such wonderful qualities to the role. I think everyone should see the show twice, but that’s just me.

Today was all about paying bills, updating my calling script, answering e-mails, booking airfare (coming home in March for 3 days – YEAH), and packing. I’m moving into a new apartment on Wednesday. I’m VERY excited for a change of scene, but packing up all my stuff again is a drag. God I’ve brought a ton of clothes I’ve yet to wear . . . and then there’s all my yarn.

As for knitting, making some good progress on my winterwonderland sweater. I’m on the sleeves now. My camera is already packed, so I’ll post a picture next time I blog.

Here are some pics from last weeks Chicks with Sticks.

Super cool wash clothes:
close up of super cool wash clothes:

The fabulous beer cozy (being posed as a wine cozy):

unbelievably perfect looking sweater!

Can’t wait to see what everyone has knit up after the holidays!

As for me, looking forward to a week long visit from David (yeah!) on Friday. We get two and a half days off for Christmas, so we are heading to Napa. . . some wine tasting, some spa action, some movies and some NOT being in the theatre. I’m also hoping that we’ll spend some mornings exploring a bit of San Fran. I’ve barely left me apartment and the theatre for nearly a month!

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