"Oh What a Night"

I woke up today at 1:00 pm (for the third time). Last night was the opening night of the Jersey Boys tour in San Francisco. I got home from the opening night party a little after midnight, and was sound asleep by 1:00 am, but then I was wide awake by 3:00 am, back asleep by 4:30 am, then awake by 9:30 am. I had to wake up so I could have coffee with my fabulous General Manager and say goodbye. I hung out with Sally until 11:00am, when she left for the airport, and then I went right back to sleep until 1:00 pm. My sleep schedule is going to be SOOO screwed up.

Last night was fun. The show went pretty well, and the crowd went nuts when the original surviving Four Seasons (Frankie Valli, Tommy DeVito, Bob Gaudio, and their producer Bob Crewe) went out for the curtain call. The party was nice. It was in a great space and the food was pretty swell

(main floor of party)

(balcony of party venue)

The Jersey “Girls” were looking fantastic. Here’s me with my girls:

(Melissa Strom, Jackie Seiden, me, Jennifer Evans, and 1/2 of Sandy DeNise)

The Jersey “Boys”:

(Devan May, Michael Ingersoll, Erich Bergen, Chris Jones)

Chris and our Jersey cake:

Me and my wonderful General Manager, Sally Campbell Morse, and our PSM Richard Hester:

The obligatory picture of people taking pictures:

Back to my REAL life (my knitting life). I’m on my last skein of yarn on my red scarf. I will be able to mail it off to the red scarf project soon:

The winter wonderland sweater is knitting up fast. If it weren’t for this pesky National Tour getting in my way, I would have finished it ages ago.

Only one problem. After I finished the first few cable repeats on the back, I noticed something was wrong. It didn’t look like the picture. I was pretty sure the chart was wrong and it indicated all knit for the bottom instead of pearl inside the cable. I went online to look for Vogue corrections, and sure enough . . . damn pattern #8 correction to cable chart. I was too lazy to frog, so I figured, what the hell, it’s the back. I’ll do it right for the front. Here’s the result of the wrong pattern:

Here’s the result of the corrected pattern:

Last week’s Chicks With Sticks group was a blast. I’m heading back tonight. I will probably be the first time I get out of bed today!

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  • Francesca Russell December 11, 2006   Reply →

    Congratulations! Hopefully now you will be able to rest and explore the city a bit. Where was the party at? I arrived in Detroit today. Check out my blog for the story of kitty’s first flight.

    Love you!

  • Samantha Earl December 11, 2006   Reply →

    I can’t wait to see you this evening!

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