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  • It was such fun meeting you at Chicks with Sticks last night! Hope to see you all through the “Jersey Boys” run!


    December 05, 2006
  • I’m TOTALLY coming back. You ladies (and man) rock. Can’t wait to see more farm animals knit up. I will be bringing my camera next time.

    December 05, 2006
  • Anonymous

    I sort of just did a quick scroll of the front page…

    Your backstage and tech shots sure bring back a lot of memories from my high school days and the few years after. What a dope i was to not follow that career path. Doh!

    Also, you know, if you didn’t pack enough yarn for your cross country stay…i’m sure you can find a place to buy more. 😉

    Your “Spring Fling” is too cute. I’ve always liked that pattern, but i’m too large for it. I need to find a smaller gal to make one for.

    “Acting is repetition, tech is thought.” (I don’t know who said this, it was hanging backstage at my old high school and i always loved it!)


    December 05, 2006

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