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Last night the company of Legally Blonde invited the company of Jersey Boys to see their Sunday night show. They’re in San Francisco doing their pre Broadway tryout. It’s was the only performance on their schedule that didn’t overlap with ours, so we were so glad to be able to see the show. It’s in great shape and was a lot of fun. They’ve gone 13 days without a day off, so they had reserved a bunch of tables at the Clift bar to relax and unwind. It’s funny, back at home it was exactly the kind of night I’d usually pass on. I’d always rather go home and knit in front of my fireplace then hang out in a bar with a bunch of Broadway show folk. . . but, since I’m so homesick, it felt so nice to hang out with everyone from New York.

Between shows on Saturday I felted my bag. We only have a front loading washing machine at the Steinhart, so unless I wanted to cause a small flood, that would not work. Luckily they have top loading washing machines at the theatre. Here’s the finished product. It’s a little larger than I’d like, but it’s still pretty nice.

Here’s the unfelted & felted pics

I changed the straps a bit. The pattern said to knit a 40″ 6 stitch icord and then sew it into the bag 1 1/2″ from the edge. I wanted more of a sloping look up to the straps. I also hate sewing and didn’t want to worry about making a strong enough join for the straps.

The bag had 40 stitches for front and back and 20 stitches on the sides.

Working from the beginning of the round, I bound off four stitches, then kept 10 stitches on a stitch holder, bound off 16 stitches for the front middle, put 10 stitches on a stitch holder, bound off 24 stitches, put 10 stitches on a stitch holder, bound of 16 stitches, put 10 on a stitch holder, and then bound off the last 20 stitches.

Starting on the RS, I added a ball of yarn and knit the following:

row 1 (RS) – SSK, K6, K 2 tog
row 2 (WS) – P 8
row 3 (RS) – SSK, K4, K2 tog
row 4 (WS) – P 6
Knit 6 stitch 1 cord for 20 “
put 6 stitches on stitch holder

Repeat for the left side of the strap. Using the kitchener stitch, graft two halves of straps together. Repeat for the other side of the bag.

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  • Veronique January 29, 2007   Reply →

    What a cute bag!

  • brian January 30, 2007   Reply →

    This is random but I found your site and I just wanted to tell you that my bf and I love your show we have seen it 4 times since you have been in sf, 2 times in rush. Since it has been selling out we rushed when our sisters came into town and of course they love it too. That show is so busy I know you must have your work cut out for you. I hope you are enjoying your extended stay in SF and selfishly I hope you stay for a long time, october maybe? 🙂

  • Patty January 30, 2007   Reply →

    Glad you like the show. It is pretty great. Looks like we’re going to be around for awhile (at LEAST until spring). Nothing official yet, but hopefully we’ll be here longer then that. Stay tuned, and keep coming!

  • Code Purl January 30, 2007   Reply →

    I saw your blog on the New York City Knitters ring and thought you or your readers might be interested in my knitting group The Upper East Side Knitters. Visit our website http://groups.yahoo.com/group/UESKnitters/ to join. We meet Tuesday nights at the Starbuck on York Ave. and East 80th St from 7-9 pm.
    Take care!

  • Faith February 10, 2007   Reply →

    This is a fantastic bag! I went through the obsessive felting phase last winter and really burnt out, but this one makes me want to toss my knitting back in the washing machine! Great job-

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