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  • I can’t believe you frogged all that! Did you at least pin the sides to see if it was *really* too big? From the pic of you wearing it, it looks like it could almost fit you…
    Good luck the second time around!

    January 08, 2007
  • Yeah, I basted it together, and trying to take it in just made it look even bulkier on the sides. PLUS, it was crazy long. The picture shows it coming just to above the crotch. Mine was way below. It made the sweater look like I needed a belt, some leggings and a time machine.

    January 08, 2007
  • Next time something is entirely too big for you, you can send it to Austin, you know…

    BTW, completely blown away by your knitting skills. You’re amazing.

    January 14, 2007

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