Back to the drawing board (or knitting needles)

So, I promised more knitting content in the next post, I just didn’t think it would be tragic knitting content.

When I got on a plane headed for San Francisco back in late November, I cast on for a new sweater. It was a chunky turtle neck shown here. I finished the front back, the turtle neck and 3/4 of the sleeves. I knit the small size, AND I made it two inches narrower and 2 inches shorter than the pattern.

It was still HUGE on me. I will never learn. I just think somehow it will work out and make sense when I finish it. I should always measure myself and costumize the pattern for myself. I should have learned from the muppet sweater affair (when I ripped out the whole front & back when I discovered it was huge & shapeless). Here’s me in the shapeless wonder:

I knew I would never wear it, so . . . even though it was a lot of work, it was time to do the dreaded frogging. It being a fuzzy wool alpaca blend, it was only slightly less a pain in the ass to rip out then mohair. Then when I tried to reknit a gauge sample it was just too kinky.

I then had to salvage the yarn by winding it around my arm, wetting it down and handing it to stretch out the kinks.

I’ll rewrite the pattern and give it another shot. Stay tuned.

Back in Jersey Boys land . . . I started calling the show this weekend. It went pretty well. I made a little boo boo on my second show, but nothing an audience would notice. Today’s show was a little rough, but it was not my fault. We had some automation problems with the scenery. I’m glad it was on my 3rd show calling instead of my first.

As promised, here’s some pics of my aparment. Much nicer than my old one room place at the Oakwood:

I finally finished my red scarf project scarf. I’ll photo that
next post.

Next I’ve cast on a cable scarf for David from a skein of Alpaca that I bought at the New Jersey Sheep & Wool Festival last summer. . . and of course, I’ll recast on the chunky cable sweater.

Tomorrow I’m going to Monterey with Richard from the show. We are going on a Whale watch and to the aquarium.

Tomorrow night I’ll head to Chicks with Sticks for some quality knitting time. More later.

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  • Veronique January 8, 2007   Reply →

    I can’t believe you frogged all that! Did you at least pin the sides to see if it was *really* too big? From the pic of you wearing it, it looks like it could almost fit you…
    Good luck the second time around!

  • Patty January 8, 2007   Reply →

    Yeah, I basted it together, and trying to take it in just made it look even bulkier on the sides. PLUS, it was crazy long. The picture shows it coming just to above the crotch. Mine was way below. It made the sweater look like I needed a belt, some leggings and a time machine.

  • StyleSpy January 14, 2007   Reply →

    Next time something is entirely too big for you, you can send it to Austin, you know…

    BTW, completely blown away by your knitting skills. You’re amazing.

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