Finishing Phobia (or fear of sewing)

In eight days I’ve frogged an entire sweater, soaked the yarn, hung it out to dry to reset the twist, re-balled the yarn, rewrote the pattern, and re-knit the entire pattern. Now it’s three days later, and I’ve managed to sew the sleeves into the shoulder, and sew up 1/2 of one side. Why does it take me so damn long to sew the sweater pieces together. Oh, I remember . . . I HATE SEWING! I loves me some neck down, three needle bind off, pick up stitches . . . ANY technique that means I don’t have to sew. I’m trying really hard to master the mattress stitch. I’m doing much better this time at actually making it an invisible seam

I’m so much happier with the sweater now. Here’s it blocking in my apartment. Sweater on floor, sleeves on the ironing board

Note how it actually fits a human body now. Here’s me in my sweater sans sleeves.

Now scarves . . . those are finish free joys. Weave in two ends, a little blocking and you’re in business! Here’s David’s cable scarf on the needles and blocking

It was only when I was blocking both the scarf and the sweater at the same time did I notice a certain beigeness to my knitting of late. The next two projects I’m casting on are going to be all about COLOR! I’m doing the Knit – Picks market bag, and’s tubey

I’ve also discovered yarn as a decorating element. Being away from home, hearth and hubby (the list is NOT in order of importance), means knitting is the thing that’s kept me sane. Baskets of yarn are like little cozy reminders of home.

These are some of the colors I’m using for Tubey. More pics of colorful cast ons later. Back to understudy rehearsal!

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