I’m SOOOO glad I tried again

I LOVE my sweater. Not only is it my favorite thing I’ve ever knit. It’s my favorite thing I’ve ever owned. I re knit it on US 13 (instead of US 15) and added shaping to the side. Here’s the result.



Digging into my basket of yummy colors, I’m using the turquoise, gold and dark purple for the market bag

Here it is on the needles. It doesn’t look like much now since it’s a felted bag, it just looks like a floppy mess now.

In the land of Jersey Boys, it’s been a pretty good week. Last week we went to the Tonga Room
for drinks after the show. It’s a delightfully tacky bar in the Fairmount Hotel. It’s a tiki lounge extraordinaire!

It’s built in their old pool room. The pool is still there with a floating barge band.

Every 30 minutes there’s a rain storm over the pool. Plastic fruit everywhere, tiki torches, and of course drinks in heads.

This week at work was a special treat. Our asst. choreographer was here, so we went back to a rehearsal studio with the understudies for 3 shows. For me it’s a nice break from the usual routine. I called three shows, was on the deck for one show, was in the office for one show, and the rehearsal studio for three shows. A perfect week.

Tomorrow, more knitting, and another evening with the fabulous Chicks with Sticks at Bliss Bar.

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  • HPNY Knits January 26, 2007   Reply →

    the sweater is GORGEOUS!!! it looks so cozy and lovely to snuggle with. just the thing you’d need if you were here today- its sooooooo cold in NYC!
    sounds like you are having fun in SF!

  • Patty January 26, 2007   Reply →

    It’s the first cold day here in San Fran. I miss Brooklyn like MAD!!!!

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