Dream jobs?

I’m typing here on another cold rainy San Francisco day. It’s my day off from Jersey Boys and as I sit here 3000 miles from home, I can’t help thinking about dream jobs. I do realize that for a lot of people (my niece Alana for one) I have a dream job, but everyone has different dreams. I saw my dream job on my TIVO last night. I was watching Shay Pendray’s Needle Arts. I usually end up fast forwarding through most of the needle point and embroidery stuff, but today was a great show. They went to the Koigu studio. We got to see them dye the yarn, make it into skeins, package it, the whole deal. It’s a family run biz, and if there was someplace like that within an hours drive of Brooklyn, I would be calling them right now for a job.

So here’s my question, well two questions really . . .

1) What do all you knitter/blog readers out there do for a living
2) If you could do anything, what WOULD you do for a living.

post your comments, I really want to know what everyone’s dream job would be.

When not daydreaming about playing with yarn all day as a job, I’ve been playing with yarn all day as a hobby. I’m still spinning up that yummy wool, alpaca, mohair I bought on e-bay. Here’s my first spool full:

Here’s my first plyed spindle full. I used the Andean plying technique.

I ordered a niddy noddy and a “Handy Andy” (a tool for Andean plying). I can’t wait till they arrive.

I’ve also been playing with different textured stitches to see how they felt. I’d like to design a felted purse with textured stitches. Here’s a swatch I made with a bobble and a popcorn stitch.


And post felt:

I used some crappy hand spun so it felted REALLY fuzzy. The popcorn stitch completely flattened out, and the bobbles felted a weird shape. I’ll keep experimenting. I want to design something cool, but not too weird.

Back to my strange two-way sweater. I’m almost finished. That makes it a 7 day sweater. Not sure it was worth 7 days though. I’ll post some pics tomorrow.

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  • Veronique February 26, 2007   Reply →

    I’m a neuroscientist. I love my job, but I’m dabbling in design.
    Your felting experiments look like fun!

  • Kinneret March 26, 2007   Reply →

    I LOVE PATTY!!! She’s the most amazing Aunt anyone could have! patty youre knitting is beautiful! im so impressed! love you! kinneret

  • Judy April 6, 2017   Reply →

    I am a nurse in a hospital radiology department. I do love my job, I love working with patients and their families at a very vulnerable time in their lives.

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