Mountains and hand knits

David left Monday and it’s back to my same old routine. . . eight shows and 10 hours of rehearsal. Knit, work, knit, sleep, knit, work etc.

Last week David and I left right after the Sunday matinee to drive to Yosemite. We were staying in the lodge in the park. We got in a little before 9:00 pm and had a nice little dinner by a roaring fire in the lodge’s pub. The next day we got up for a fabulous day of hiking in nature’s beauty in hand knit sweaters. What could be better. The morning was crisp and cold, but it warmed up to high 60s by mid day. Here are just a few of the GORGEOUS pics from this winter wonderland.

I highly recommend going there in winter since at times you feel like you have the park all to your selves. There are deer everywhere. This is what greeted us first thing in the morning –

He was so still that David said “look at the fake deer”

We set off on our first morning walk and crossed a little bridge to this view

Here’s me & David wearing our hand knit sweaters (by my hand) in front of one of the falls

Later in the afternoon we took a drive to the famous tunnel view

On our way back to the lodge we came across over a dozen deer just grazing by the side of the road

We rounded out our first day of hiking with a sunset view of 1/2 dome

The next day was even brighter and more beautiful. Here’s our first hike of the day to Yosemite falls

In the world of knitting . . . I whipped up a little potato chip scarf out of some left over yarn. It’s pretty cute, although it’s a little shorter than I wanted.

I could have used much larger needles and it would have been longer and loftier. However it stays on your neck by just twisting in on itself, so you don’t have to wrap it.

I think I’ll make another one on much larger needles. For anyone out there in tvland (I know I know it’s the “blogesphere“, but I hate that word), who have never knit this scarf it’s the world’s easiest pattern:

row 1 – CO 90 stitches
row 2, 4, 6 – inc every stitch by knitting into front & back
row 3, 5, 7 – knit across
cast off

Tubey is coming along nicely. Here’s how it’s looking so far

More later. Gotta go to work. I’m very excited our Frankie understudy is going on for the first time tonight. I think he’s going to be fantastic. I’ll give you all a full report next time.

Of course, I have to take my computer to the mac doctor, so it may be a few days from now

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  • Stephanie February 15, 2007   Reply →

    What wonderful pictures!

    Sounds like an amazing trip 🙂

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