Tubey and understudy fun

I’m sitting in the Mezzannine lobby with the Four Seasons doing a little dance brush up. I’m taking the opportunity to get in a quick blog post before my hubby arrives and I won’t be near the computer for the next ten days.

Today we had another put in rehearsal for the second wave of understudies for Jersey Boys . It was also a put in rehearsal for our new ASM to call the show. She did a great job. Especially considering it’s her first professional calling job. She calls the show tonight. It’s really kind of exciting being around to watch someones very first ever professional calling job. I’m sure she will be great.

The creative team was back in town casting for the next tour, so they were all here for the understudy put in. I will so miss our asst choreographer when he leaves. It’s been great having him around.

David gets in tonight and we are going to Yosemite on Sunday night through Tuesday afternoon. I can’t wait . . . look forward to lots of pictures being posted.

In knitting world, Tubey is coming along. I’m so tired of my sweater sleeves ending up either too short or too long, that I decided to keep both sleeve’s stitches live. I tried it on . . .

and one sleeve felt tighter then the other (of course). The way this is knit is with a crochet cast on, then knit one sleeve, remove the cast on and start knitting down the other side. I always loosen up as I knit. That’s why I prefer sweaters that are knit in the round. That way you avoid the, back is smaller then the front, sweater syndrome. I decided to block the sleeves to try to even out the width. I’m blocking them before I attach them to the body, because it will ultimately affect the length of the sleeve.

Here it is drying on my sad little make shift blocking board (ironing board). I must buy a blocking board one of these days.

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  • pam February 5, 2007   Reply →

    i really like the top you’re wearing-did you make that as well?

    in terms of the creative team being in town “casting for the next tour”-am i correct in assuming that the current cast will be staying for a year like the rumors say they are? i sure hope so! 🙂

    hope you had fun on your trip with your hubby!

  • Patty February 6, 2007   Reply →

    I did make the top. It’s from Weekend Knits. We don’t know anything about our cast past what’s been announced. . . in San Fransisco into April. What rumor, and where did it come from?

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