"I feel the earth move under my feet"

So the Jersey Boys ROCKED the house a few nights ago, oh wait, it was an earthquake. In the middle of Act I, we felt a little shake and then about a second later a big one. It lasted no more then 10 seconds, but it unfortunately stopped our show. It was our third earthquake since we arrived in November, but it was the biggest. It was also, apparently, the first one that some of our actors had noticed. After a brief pause in the action during the largest rattle, while the audience was murmuring, our Tommy DeVito waited a second while they settled and then went right on with the scene with his next line “But when it crashes don’t come crying to me.” . . . BIG audience relief laugh. Unfortunately, the actors then left the stage not sure what to do (I wasn’t going to stop the show, but oh well). I was at the calling desk, so I asked for the god mic (what we call the announce mic for the house) and I asked for everyone to remain in their seats and the show would resume in just a minute. Ah well, it was an unnessesary drag to have stopped the show, but we sent the actors back out there, and the show was greeted with even MORE enthusiasm then usual. What do I mean by MORE then usual, well underwear was thrown on the stage at the end of the show. Yikes!

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  • Stephanie March 5, 2007   Reply →

    Oh my! How scary — I don’t think I would have been as cool and calm as you!

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