I’m leaving on a jet plane . . .

My bags are packed and I ready to fly! I’m heading back to beloved Brooklyn Sunday at 10:50 pm. YEAH!! Tonight the company and I will go out for my goodbye drink. Since I’m flying on Sunday night, I figured a Saturday night drink would be better.

Since I’m only back in NY for five weeks, I’m going to leave the spinning stuff in San Francisco and just focus on my knitting. I have a ton of projects on the burner. I’ve promised one of the Jersey Girls that I would make three little shrug sweaters for her and her two sisters. I ordered the yarn from Knit Picks, Decadance, and it should waiting for me when I get back. I also promised socks to my friend Tim.

My cotton and mohair sweater is coming along, but I’m not sure it’s going to look very good. I wanted to try cotton for a sweater, and this may be the first and last.

More pics and knitting news when I’m home.

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  • StyleSpy April 1, 2007   Reply →

    Have a good trip home, Patty. I’m going to get to see you while I’m in NY, right? I’m there from 4/24 – 5/1.


  • Michele April 1, 2007   Reply →

    Hey knitchick. I think you are nutty. Enjoy your springtime in NYC. When is JB coming to Cincinnati?!!! xxoo michele

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