Knitting on the Tonight Show

I’ve just got back from an unbelievably exhausting, but great trip with Jersey Boys to make their network television debut on The Tonight Show. Last night after our show we got on a bus and headed to LAX. Since we all had the same Jersey Boys duffel bag (that we got for opening night), the phrase “is that my bag, oh wait, no, is that my bag, oh there it is” was heard more then once. We were “What’s Up Doc” waiting to happen.

By the time we landed, got on our bus and checked into the hotel it was past midnight. Since I had to be up at 7:00 am for our load in, I was pretty damn tired. The crew was great, and by the time the cast arrived at 10:30 am, we were ready to start our spacing rehearsal.

After a few runs for the director, she made a few adjustments, and then it was time for lunch.

Here are the ladies enjoying their dressing room snacks:

The Jersey Boys in their room across the hall:

After lunch it was time for a camera run, and finally a little down time. I grabbed for my knitting an went to visit with the ladies while they got into makeup. For a while I thought I would be too busy to even pick up my sweater, but I got a few rounds done while waiting for men to be escorted to the make-up room.

Meanwhile, what knitting is for me, cards are to the ensemble boys of Jersey. Those cards come out every time there’s a little dead time

Next it’s time to get the ladies wigged up while the men get dressed.

Here’s the lovely Jen on the phone with her Grandma waiting outside the hair room.

A little more waiting, and then . . . show time. 3 minutes and 20 seconds later, it was all over. Pack up, pizza on the fly, back on the bus, back on the plane, back home. . . to sleep.

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