Where to start . . .

So much is happening, I don’t know where to start.

My biggest news is, a week from Monday I’ll be back home (yeah!!!). I am switching from Jersey Boys first national tour, to the second national tour. This means I get to be home for five glorious weeks while I rehearse with the second company. I can’t WAIT!!! I’m beyond thrilled to sleep in my own bed and see (hopefully) spring come into ole New York.

Last weekend my mom came to visit me. We did a lot of sightseeing. That was fun for me, since I mostly knit, watch TV, and do the show. That’s it. On Monday we took a sightseeing bus and it was a FAB 80 degree day. Here are a few random tourist pics:

(Union Square)
(TransAm building)

(China Town Gate)

At Telegraph Hill near the stairs to Coit Tower there was this house with these kind of cool statues on it’s balcony

(View from Coit Tower)

(Coit Tower)

(Murals in Coit Tower)

(Houses on Alamo Square)

In other knitting news, I made a little sweater capelet for the fabulous Jackie Seiden for her birthday. Here she is looking as gorgeous as she always does (oh, the short woman next to her is me).

I’ve also started a sweater of my own design. I’m loosely basing it on a sweater from the pattern a day calendar, but it’s mostly my first design. I had an idea of mixing cotton tightly knit for the body, with a lacy mohair top and sleeves. I’ll post some pics in progress.

Last big news is, set your TIVO & VCR’s for this Monday night’s Tonight Show. The first national cast of Jersey Boys will be making their network television debut. We fly to L.A. Sunday night after the show, arrive at the studio on Monday morning for spacing rehearsal, then camera rehearsal, then into costume and make up, tape the show, wash our faces, and back on a plane home.

Tell ya all about it later.

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  • Francesca March 17, 2007   Reply →

    Congrats on the second national tour job! Who is the rest of the team? Send me an email with details! Love you!

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