Back to knitting on the subway

It’s odd the little New York rituals and routines that you take for granted, even hate sometimes, that you miss like crazy when you spend five months in a strange city. I’ve been back home for almost three weeks now, I only have a little over two left until Jersey Boys takes me back to San Francisco. I ride the subway everyday, carefully calculate the walking time . . . if I get the train at 8:17 am it’s crowded but you might be able to get a seat by DeKalb, 8:21 I can get a seat right away, 8:26 TOO crowded. The careful New York math based on travel time to work v.s. ability to sit. I’m catching up on plenty of podcasts, and of course, knitting.

I’ve finished the front and back of my mohair cotton sweater

Here’s the detail of the mohair lace pattern

I’m putting the sleeves on hold in favor of knitting up the three sweater capelets I promised to my pal Melissa from Tour 1. Here’s my progress so far on the first one.

On Thursday I went to the Tea Lounge for a Park Slope knitting Meet Up. I could only stay a little over an hour, but it was so nice to see folks.

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