Cherry Blossoms & finished objects

FINALLY a spring day!! I leave for San Francisco in a week and this is the first gorgeous day since I got home. It’s been cold and rainy and then, boom, 76 degrees and bright blue sky. Yesterday David cleaned up the deck, cut down all the dead plants, swept up and made it livable again. Our pal Nell came over and we had our first brunch on our deck. Bagels & cream cheese on our deck on a perfect Sunday is my idea of heaven!

I finished two and a half of the sweater capelets for Melissa. Here’s the small one.

Not much is happening in our garden yet. All the perrenials are starting to peak out, there are a few little tulips poking their heads out.

The flowering quince is looking good

As great as hanging out on our deck was, we decided to head off to the Botanic Garden to check out the Cherry Blossoms. The festival is next week, but that’s my last day in town, and I must go to the fleece festival in the zoo!

The main esplanade was not in bloom yet, but there were many other trees in bloom

(Me modeling amongst the blossoms) (An actual model amongst the blossoms)

Being in the garden inspired us to do a little planting of our own. I’m usually the gardener, but since I’ll be gone most of the summer, David will be on his own. We decided to plant one box of lettuce for David to enjoy between now and the end of June.
Saturday is my last day off in New York, and then it’s back to San Fran. I’ve packed a bag full of cotton yarn, and last months Vogue Knitting. I plan on making a lot of the little lacy sweaters this summer.

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  • Stephanie April 23, 2007   Reply →

    blossoms are beautiful! glad you enjoyed your weekend. :o)

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