Cast on, Cast off

Okay, so it’s really more like cast off, cast on, but that didn’t sound as “Karate Kid”.

I cast off two projects this week, and I’ve got two on the needles.

First I finished the sweater for my sister. It was a really a fast knit. I didn’t use a pattern, I just figured my gauge, and knit it to my own body. It came out so cute that I have to knit one for myself

Next it was my very own mohair and cotton sweater. I got the design idea from a cotton sweater with a net top and sleeves I saw in a store once. I liked the idea of using mohair for the top for a contrast of textures. I owe some of the design features to a few designers. The basic stitch pattern from the mohair comes from the Spring Fling. The shaping I used on the sides came from the Honeymoon cami.

I’ve always wanted to do a sweater with a ruffle sleeve, and after much trial and error, I’m pretty happy with how it came out.

On the needles is the ENDLESS k1, p1 rib that is Tempting II. It’s my at work project. Something I can mindlessly knit during understudy rehearsal.

My at home project is to use up all the cotton yarn that my mother in law gave me. I can get a few projects out of it, but the first one I chose was a boat necked cable sweater.

I’m changing the pattern a bit to add shaping on the side. The picture looks like there’s shaping, but the pattern doesn’t have any. Here’s it on the needles

David came to visit from Brooklyn and brough a bit of our garden. In the form of pictures:

He also brought me lettuce from our garden. It was delicious. It makes me miss Brooklyn more then ever.

I also miss going to all my yarn shops in New York. I’m coming home for a few days in July, maybe I’ll go on a yarn crawl.


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