Leaving on a jet plane (part two)

I’m back in San Fran. I just finished my first day back in the theatre. It was sad to leave Brooklyn. I finished Melissa’s sweaters in the nick of time. Here they are in small, medium and large. The large still has water marks on it from blocking:

She looked adorable in it! My first successful commission . . . even though I charged her basically $2.00 an hour. Live and learn!

My last day in Brooklyn was spent at the Wool Festival at the Brooklyn Zoo. It’s mostly for kids, but of course when you say wool, the Park Slope Knitting group comes a running.

The day began with the animals, the founder of our fiber feast, the woolly animals that make our hearts go pitter patter.

There were the oh so fuzzy Costwolds just dying for a hair cut.

The sheep and goats were all good friends.

The always evil looking Jacob sheep:

Then it was time to step outside and enjoy the beautiful Alpacas.

Ooh so soft and yummy . . .

The kids really seemed to enjoy the animals . . . and they weren’t looking at them as potential sweaters.

Next it was time for fun with roving. The nice folks at the Brooklyn General had set up a big ole table in the monkey house and filled it with roving and spindles. Our little knitting group descended upon the roving like a pack of hungry wolves (or appropriately enough, crazed monkeys). We started digging in and spinning away:

There was also a spinning wheel. Alexandra jumped right in to give it a whirl and then start teaching. Here’s a little spinning video:


If you notice the last thing Alexandra says on the video is “you’re next Patty”. Unfortunately I never got a chance to jump on the wheel, because I got a call from my pal who was having a crappy time at work.Yet I managed to do a little spinning while sympathetically listing to my pal.

Finally, the moment we’d all been waiting for. The sheering of the sheep.

“what the hell is happening”

Going . . .

Going . . .


The day ended up on the roof enjoying the last of the sunshine in our garden before it was time to go.
Goodbye Brooklyn. . .

Until we meet again


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