Peanuts, (knit one, purl two) and Cracker Jacks

Okay all you knitters out there . . . where do you knit? Do you take your knitting on the subway, to the movies, to the beach, to the ballgame. Let me know I’m not alone. On Monday we had a little Jersey Boys field trip to the ballgame. Of course I took my knitting.

It was a perfect day for a ballgame. We started our day at Larry’s house (the PSM). It was truly our glimpse at how the other half lives.

Wow, what a place. He’s staying at a friend’s place in South Beach. The coolest bachelor pad ever!!

They set up a dreamy spread of hotdogs (turkey dogs for me), potato salad, chips,

and of course . . . Peanuts and Cracker Jack:

Of course no Martha Stewart like baseball buffet would be complete without the traditional jockstrap flower arrangement (in the team’s colors of course)

There was also a bitchin cool deck. We immediately started lounging in the sun.

The boys talking boy talk. The fabulous Jenny Lee Ramos catching some rays.

John “Smitty” Smith (our musical director, and Rashad Naylor hangin‘.

Jeremy Kushnier, Eddie Driscoll, Jerrod Spector

After stuffing our faces with hotdogs and filling our pockets with peanuts and cracker jacks it was time to go to the ballpark

I’ll never get used to a ballpark with palm trees out front and the ocean out back. Truly weird. When a homerun is hit it goes into the water and men in kayaks wait to scoop up the ball – not kidding

By the third or forth inning it was time for me to crack out the knitting. I’m working on Tempting II, and it’s an ENDLESS amount of k1, p1 rib. Of course the cries of “I can’t believe you brought your knitting to the ballgame”, “look she’s knitting”, “I gotta get a picture of this” began.

That’s Lauren looking at me like I have two heads, just because I wanna get a few rows in before the 7th inning stretch. Doesn’t everyone???

The park itself was a bit like an amusement park. There were tons of bars and restaurants everywhere. I’m talking full bars too. I had an Irish coffee from a stand. Weird. There were batting cages, games, a giant slide (which I of course rode.) Here’s me showing I’m tall enough to ride slide:

When I got home I finished the sweater for my sister. I’ll post more pics of it (modeling it) in the next post. Here it is blocking.

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  • David, of course May 24, 2007   Reply →

    Hon, for people to truly appreciate this, maybe you ought to remind them that your misspent baseball youth was at the old Comiskey Park, with all the wonders that the South Side of Chicago had to offer (hint: no slides, no full bars, no kayaks, but lots of other odd stuff).
    It’s weird for me to have an ocean by the ballpark, too. At Fenway there were just a bunch of drunken townies (or B.U. students) praying that they’d get beaned by a ball hit out of the park.

    One more thing–who won the game?

  • Patty May 24, 2007   Reply →

    San Fran did!

  • june May 28, 2007   Reply →

    your sister’s sweater is just beautiful!! amazing job!! what is the pattern you used??

  • Patty May 28, 2007   Reply →

    It’s a basic raglan increase. I knit it without a pattern. I just measured my back and figured out how wide I wanted the sides to be, checked my gauge, cast on and knit.

    Soon I might post some of my own patterns for downloading (for a small fee). Keep checking back.

  • paola_ June 2, 2007   Reply →

    I knit on the train, art museums, art supply stores (when my SO is shopping), everywhere. It’s so relaxing to always have something to do with your hands 🙂

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