Dodging the stream

Today was a great day. I slept until noon (okay, that I didn’t plan, but I’ve needed to catch up on my sleep). The Tempting II was finally over it’s growing pains and ready to leave the safety and security of the needles. . . so that meant it was time to pick out it’s buckle. I headed over to Britex to the fantastic notion floor. They have a ton of buckles, so I was sure I’d find something great. I found a fabulous vintage shell buckle. It was the only one left and it had a little crack in it, so I got it for $3.00 (usually $12.00 – yeah!!). It was a beautiful sunny, summery (for San Francisco) day so I took a walk down Powell to do a little window shopping along Market.

Of course it wouldn’t be a beautiful summer day in downtown San Francisco without dodging a stream of urine. What was that? A stream of what? This was after all, Market Street in San Francisco. That means even in the middle of a crowded street, in broad day light, full of tourists, you’re bound to walk past someone with their back to you doing something that should be done in private. Sure enough as I passed a mans back I saw a stream of liquid coming towards me that, let’s put it this way, I knew was not spilled soda (unless you are using “spilled” in a very biological way). The New Yorker in me identified the stream as quickly as Robo Cop identifying a criminal. In one deft move, I successfully dodged the stream with not a drop on my shoe, and not a missed step. Some might focus on the urine and let it get them down. I was feeling full of hope for the future and I was proud of my ability to dodge.

When I got home I bound off the sweater, sewed in the buckle, tried it on, and was VERY happy. I post some pics of me in it as soon as I can get someone to take some photos. I’m sick of the pics in the mirror thing. Here it is:

Here’s my $3.00 buckle.

I got it finished just in time to meet up for coffee with a special visiting knitter from New York. Then I headed off for another lovely evening with Chicks with Sticks.

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