Everything old is new again

I’m overflowing with pattern ideas lately. I have to buy some cute little notebook to store inspiration and pattern ideas. Right now I’m working on a pattern for a bikini for one of the Jersey Girls. I want to make it to fit her perfectly, so I’m building the pattern by knitting up a sample in junk yarn so I can fit it to her. I’m going to make it with Cascade Fixation. It’s a cotton yarn with elastic built in, so I’m hoping it will hug her nicely. She should be able to swim in it. Here’s the sample 1/2 of top I made.

It’s hard to tell from this picture because the scrap yarn I have is a variegated color, but there’s a little cat paw lace pattern near the top of the cup

She wants a really tiny hipster bottom, so I’m not sure if the cutouts for the top of the bikini bottom will work. It may have to add some height beyond what she wants for it to not be obscene.

In the world of finished products. I LOVE my Tempting II

To sum up my journey . . .

Too loose:

Too tight:


LOVE this sweater!!!

As for the cotton cable. I finished the body. I pinned it together to try it on for size:

As is my style, I added shaping to the sides. I’m so glad I did. I think without shaping, it would hang much more like a white cabled potato sack.

Here’s the ribbed boat neck

and the cable edge

Just when I’m thinking a lot about patterns and construction I come to work and find out one of the hair staff has bought an antique pattern book.

She, very kindly said I could xerox anything I wanted. I loved some of these sweaters. Here are the ones I’m going to add to my “sweater cue”. The cable number on the cover (without the tie around the neck. Maybe make it a v neck, or just let it drop open)

Maybe knit as is w/o the button closure, or a shawl collar

Knit with only one color (no little “tree top” color changes)

Knit the one to the right in some yummy mohair

AHHH!! There’s not enough hours in the day, or yarn in the world to knit everything I want to knit.

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  • Annie June 23, 2007   Reply →

    Tempting II looks fantastic! Congratulations on solving the neckband problem.

  • Veronique June 23, 2007   Reply →

    I’m so glad you “fixed” tempting! It looks great on you now 🙂
    And those are good vintage finds.

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