June my @#$%^ !!!

It’s been damp and cold all week here in fabulous San Francisco. Who knew that January was going to be warmer then June.

Hey, it’s an excuse to keep knitting sweaters! The cotton cable is coming along. I finished the front.

It’s been another long week at work with lots of understudies going on. There’s also been a lot going on with me. Some potentially exciting knitting/life news that I can’t talk about yet. I’ll know more in a couple of weeks, and I’ll keep you posted.

Tomorrow is the yarn swap at Chicks with Sticks. It’s my chance to get rid of the remainders of many projects, and of course add some more yarn to my stash.

Here’s the bits of leftovers I have

And the whole balls (or cone) I have leftover

I’ll let you all know the goodies that I find tomorrow at the yarn swap. More later

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