Eat, Knit, and be Happy

That is the new slogan for my life.

Before I left for Italy (which I will blog about later) I said I had some huge news. I have been an Equity Stage Manager for (ahem) 21 years. I’ve been thinking for some time about a life change. I often spent my day off from Jersey Boys, poking around the Internet to see what kind of jobs were out there. . . and then one day I saw it, an add for a manager of a knitting store. Hmm I thought, I wonder what store it is. When I found out it was one of my favorite stores in the world, The Point Knitting Cafe, I had to explore it. After several e-mail exchanges, I met with the owner in person, and, long story short. (drum roll please), I begin my new life as the manager of The Point on September 4th!!!!

For you New York knitters out there, many of you already know and love the shop (and if you don’t know it, run, don’t walk to 37 A Bedford Street in the Village). It’s a fantastic knitting shop and an adorable cafe all rolled into one. It’s the kind of place you can come meet up with some friends and spend the day. My friend Francesca and I could spend hours there. We would start early in the afternoon with coffee and muffins and before we knew it, four hours would go by and it was time for a salad and the worlds’ yummiest quiche.

So all you blogger/knitters out there, come by and see me. I’ll be on my own starting after Labor day and I’d love to have some friendly faces. I also really want to hear from you all. I’d love to get your thoughts on what makes your dream knitting store. What do you love, what do you hate, what do you wish you could find?

Stay tuned there will be lots of news to come. Stories of life in the store, what it’s like to learn a whole new business. I may use this blog from time to time to kick ideas around and see what you all think.

I’ll take some time over the next few days to tell the tales of my knitting through Italy. I’m back in beautiful Brooklyn and tomorrow I head back to San Francisco to finish up my time with Jersey Boys.

The two projects I took to Italy were Jenny Lee Ramos’ bikini and a cotton tank top. I mostly worked on the bikini, the tank top was for travel on planes in Europe (plastic needles!) I cast on the bikini top on the plane to London, and cast it off on the train to Venice.

Here I am blocking the top while wearing it on the deck of our place on the Lido

I cast on the bottom and finished the front by the time we were home:

The cotton cable tank (to use up some more of the cotton yarn my mother in law gave me) is also coming along:

It’s been so great to be back in Park Slope and it makes me SOOOOO excited for my permanent return in the fall. The first thing we did the morning after arriving home was do a little garden clean up and then spend a good chuck of our day enjoying the roof garden:

All in all the garden is doing pretty well. The lilies are in bloom

More later. I must sit on my roof deck now and enjoy my last day in Brooklyn for the next six weeks.

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  • Necia July 16, 2007   Reply →

    WTG Patty. Who ever thought Italy could take second fiddle to a new job. Fortunately I can see exactly why and how. Congratulations, sounds like an awesome position for you.


  • Francesca July 16, 2007   Reply →

    Congratulations, girlie! Can’t wait to come and visit you at The Point – December, prob. when we are back on the east coast. Miss you!

  • HPNY Knits July 18, 2007   Reply →

    mazel tov on the new job!!!

  • Veronique July 18, 2007   Reply →

    Congratulations!! My knitting group, the Spiders, hang out every friday at the Point from 5 til closing. I hope you’ll be working on fridays so I can meet you in person 🙂

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