Knitting through Italy pt. 2 (Cinque Terre)

Back in Italy . . . The next day it was time to set off to explore the rest of the towns. We started by hiking above Monterosso. It gave us a better view of all the tiered farming.

On the way to visit the Monastery on the hill Jenny’s bikini top stopped to pose by the Italian Rivera

Next stop, Vernazza. It was our favorite little town. The harbor was beautiful.

and there were lots of cats (what could be bad)

Here’s the view of the town from the goat path above.

After sitting on the beach for a good couple of hours, eating focaccia, gelatto, and sampling some wine, it was time to set off on our hike. It seemed like the natural thing to tackle the hardest hike after sitting in the sun, stuffing our faces and getting a little liquored up. It was a tough hike, it took about an hour and a half, and it was VERY climby. Here’s our last peek of the town before we left it behind to hike back to Monterosso

We were pretty damn hot and thirsty when we saw a mirage in the hillside. Right on the trail there was a GENIUS fresh lemonade stand. Right off the tree, just squeeze add water and sugar. At two Euros a glass the guy was racking it in, but what the hell

After a refreshing 4 Euros worth of lemonade, it was time to pause on the trail for some knitting

The next day it was time to tackle the second hardest trail from Corniglia to Vernazza. The first thing that greeted us on the trail was another cat.

There were several places on the trails with bowls and big tubs of cat food and signs asking hikers to fill the bowls to feed the unwanted cats. The hike was great, and the town (big surprise) was adorable. We wondered if the quaint old Italian woman hanging out colorful stripped sheets against the peach and yellow walls and the blue sky were hired by the office of tourism. “Okay, here come some Americans . . . hang out your colorful laundry – now”

After eating, resting, and browsing around town it was time to walk down the 33 flights of stairs to the Corniglia train station to head back to the beach. Ah, what a life.

We spent our last day in Cinque Terre exploring Riomaggiore, and Monarola. The day started looking like rain and turning gorgeous. Another colorful and beautiful harbor

led us towards a path to a quiet rocky beach. It was still early in the morning, so it was time to settle in for a little a.m. knitting

before exploring the town

Then we took the Via dell’ Amore to Monorola. It’s the easiest path (and therefore the most popular). All along the path there were stairs that led down to the water

At one end of the trail there is a statue of lovers covered with locks. It is a tradition to put the names of lovers and lock them around the statue

Here’s Manorola, a little town clinging to the hillside

After a fabulous dinner in Vernazza it was time for bed and to say goodbye to Cinque Terre.

Next stop . . . Venice

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