Replacements, Rehearsal, Disney and Sheep

I know, I know, it’s been ages since I’ve blogged. Between rehearsals, David’s visit, weekend trips and getting ready for the new job, I’ve been swamped. I am almost finished with the cotton cable sweater. Just have to (ugh) sew all the pieces together. I HATE finishing. Gimme a good old top down raglan any day. Ah well. I’ll post FO pics next time.

In the world of weekend trips, we went to Russian River last week. That was great. It is gorgeous there, and unlike Napa, FREE wine tastings. Here’s the view from Jordan, one of the vineyards we toured

David, otherwise known as the world’s best husband, found a brochure for all the farms in the area, and he noticed a section called “Animals & Fiber”. Hmmmm, he then circled all the area farms the featured, Sheep, Angora goats, roving, spinning etc. We went to visit this terrific lady who used to be a Upper East Side Manhattan socialite, and then ended up on a 200 acre apple farm raising sheep, Angora goats, spinning and making and selling her own roving. As my pal Alexander said “(sounds) just so awful. I don’t know how people do it- being around all that nature all day long :)” She was really great. She told us about how the whole thing started with a friend asking her if she could find a home for one sheep. The rest is history. Here we are with her “useless friend”. It’s a goat that someone gave her that has no purpose other than to be sweet.

Ah, but here are some of the beauties that make the yarn we love

This weekend we went to . . .

As far as my new job at The Point, I’m getting insanely excited. Rebecca (the current manager) sent me a list of all the yarn that the store is going to be stocking in the fall. She said the shipments are all ready coming in. WOW what a list. It makes me want to roll around in it . . . but now that I’m going to be the manager, that might be frowned on.

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  • Rebecca August 9, 2007   Reply →

    What a man that husband of yours is! Planning a whole fiber-filled vacation for you! Sounds lovely.

  • Anonymous August 10, 2007   Reply →

    I take issue with David’s title as World’s Best Husband. My wife says that honor goes to me – hands down!

    Cousin Mike

    P.S. Beth is your biggest blog groupie

  • Karen August 20, 2007   Reply →

    Hi Patty! Congrats on the new job at the Point. I’m a regular! 🙂

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