Yarn Coma

I think I’ve recovered from the last two weeks. It’s hard to tell. Starting a new job at the same time as that industry enters its busiest time at the same time that you’re gearing up for the largest sale of the year is NOT easy. I worked 14 days straight getting ready for the HUGE sale we had last weekend at The Point. The sale went really well, and we collected several giant boxes worth of yarn for charity.

The last two weeks I’ve done nothing but sleep and work. If it weren’t for the subway I wouldn’t have gotten any knitting done at all. It’s odd to be surrounded by yarn all day, but not knit. I did use my dreamy employee discount to snatch up 8 balls of the brand new Rowan Tapestry (just hit the floor for the fall). It cracks me up how fast the employees scoop up the new yarns when they come in. The Rowan Big Wool took a major hit before it even got out of the basement. The fall yarn line is soooooooooooo pretty, it’s hard to know where to start. When the Twinkle arrives, stand back for the stampede.

Sunday I did nothing but try to recover from the last two weeks, and to get myself organized for what’s ahead at work (So much stuff coming up). On Sunday night I curled up on the couch with a glass of wine to watch the Emmys. I TOTALLY forgot that my cast from Jersey Boys was performing. Why you may ask? They were doing a tribute to the Sopranos. They were awsome, I was so proud.

Today I went up to access the major damage to our garden

It was not good. This summer the garden was woefully neglected, and I’m afraid we lost a lot. Typical sight:

I was able to salvage some Brooklyn rooftop veggies:

Thanks to the subway, I was able to do some knitting. I cast off one simple sweater (from left over Rowan Polar and some baby yarn)

and cast on the eyelet pullover from last year’s Vogue Magazine

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  • PassionKNITly September 19, 2007   Reply →

    those veggies do look yummy!

  • Rebecca September 19, 2007   Reply →

    I am amazed at how much you are able to accomplish!! You are a Superstar! We love having you at The Point!

  • LaNette September 22, 2007   Reply →

    Dear Patty, Yes, you are amazing in how much you can accomplish! Just about as amazed as I am that I actually found The Point Monday night. I was convinced I’d be too late to see the shop after having spent the day touring the city with my sister, her three children and my mother. I wanted to introduce, Lura, my neice to you and the fun atmoshphere of today’s knit shops. When I phoned and learned that the shop was open until 8 PM, I was on a mission for sure. The three children & I burst into the shop with 20 minutes to spare, but still were able to squeeze and ahh over the yarns…and walk away with a pretty big bag of it. I’ve yarn to knit baby booties for my hope chest and my newly wed daughter (Sept 14) though she’s not at all mentioned babies in her most immediate plans, and Lura has yarn to knit fingerless gloves. Adam & 5 year old Rachel were very well behaived (just ask the staff) and Lura and I were appreciative of their patience. Thanks to the staff for allowing us to go a bit over the usual closing time (such friendly people)as it made the hunt worth all the wrong turns I made for sure! Disappointment? You’d already gone home…. On my next visit to my daughter in Brooklyn, I hopefully I’ll be able to spend more time knitting at the Point than locating the shop. LaNette (from Tucson – one of the occassional Bliss Bar knitters.)

  • Patty September 25, 2007   Reply →

    AHHHH! I can’t believe I missed you guys. I work Tues – Saturday. I’m so sad I didn’t get to see you. You MUST come back and see me.

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