Hanging on to the day off

The last two weeks have been a blur. I told myself that I would treat the first month of my new job as manager at The Point, like one long tech week (a reference to my old life as a Stage Manager!). I’ve been working 13 hour days, 6 days a week (NOT kidding). I feel like things might be finally settling down. I finished my first store newsletter, I put together my first class & workshop schedule, and I’ve started to get my own systems in place.

The thing that has kept me sane through all the work has been the customers. I can’t believe how many I’ve grown close to in such a short time. It really is the knitting equivalent of Cheers. The regulars walk into a place where “everybody knows your name”. We even had one of our regulars come by with a bottle of Champagne to announce her engagement (sorry I can’t say who until she has time to tell all her friends and family . . . yes, the staff of the Point came after her family, but before some of her friends – LOVE that). We lowered the gates, locked up for the night, cracked out the glasses, and the staff and about a half a dozen regulars toasted the happy news. Despite all the craziness, the stress, the long hours, it really is a special place!

On Sunday I actually left my house to do something other than go to the store! David and went to the Atlantic Antic, welcomed the return of the prodigal daughter (my long lost pal Nell) and went to my friend Michael’s house for a little party. It was so nice to think about something other then work.

I’ll write more later, but now I need to spin and knit!

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  • Anonymous October 3, 2007   Reply →

    Well, welcome to The Point! I have dropped by a while ago a few times, but I am having a problem with a particular project.

    Let me back up; I am a knitter with a lot of “holes” in her experience and know-how. I am knitting the tank top of a sweater set and don’t know how to fit it. I live in Bay Ridge and notice that you live in Park Slope. Do you have any suggestions on how I can learn/get in touch with someone who will help me one-on-one, please?

    Thank you, Susan Sylvester

  • Patty October 3, 2007   Reply →

    Sure! Call or come by the shop and we can set you up with a private, or better yet, a session with Barbara Kerr. Just ask for Patty and I’ll take care of you

  • Danielle October 14, 2007   Reply →

    Something new and fun to look for when I come to town.

    Its sounds tough as all tech weeks are but the show is great in the end.

    I hope you had fun doing something none store realated.

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