Getting out of a funk

Last week sucked. Did I mention last week sucked?

First we got some bad news, then David got sick, then it was a long work week (spring ordering began – my first big ordering season . . . lots of work!), then I got sick. As is usually my luck I started to really get sick just at the end of my week, which for me is Saturday. For those of you who haven’t been to the Point on a Saturday . . . it is a sight to behold. It is hopping! Classes, shoppers, full tables of folks knitting and eating. Usually I tell my regulars that Saturday is my reward for the week. It’s the day I don’t pay bills, or write POs or do receiving, I just work with customers and enjoy the regulars and the general (chaotic) fun of the day. I did not get to enjoy Saturday because I felt AWFUL. Of course Sunday and Monday (my day’s off) was when I got to feel really sick.

Since I felt that I had spent most of the week feeling sorry for myself (and the first paragraph of this blog reinforces that!) I decided to change my !@#%$^ attitude and make this week better. Monday I finished David’s vest (my own design)

(the boring pictures I usually take)

(Me trying to take more interesting “Brooklyn Tweedesque” pics)

Here’s David wearing it on Tuesday. He said I had to take headless photos because he was tired at the end of a long work week

My Mr Green Jeans has taken a pause while I do some sample knitting for the shop. Here’s how it’s coming along

Here’s the sassy little one skein Misti Alpaca scarf I knit up for the store. It’s a great pattern for everyone who has (or sees one at the Point) skein of Misti and doesn’t know what to do with it.

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  • Rebecca February 2, 2008   Reply →

    Ah! This was posted on Wednesday? I’m so confused! I think this may be your “new” blog, because all of the cool links in the sidebar are gone. I’m glad to see you got right back on the horse, as it were.

  • Patty February 2, 2008   Reply →

    It’s my old blog. After 48 miserable hours, I was able to get google to restore my blog.

    My sidebar links are still there!!

    LOVE the window you designed for the Point. It’s STUNNING!!!

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