Too cold to do anything but . . .

. . . drink tea, sit by my fire and knit. My favorite type of day! It’s was a crisp 10 degrees when I lit the fire at 9:00 am. It’s 6:30 pm now, and it’s still going. What’s the only thing that can make this day better? David having the day off and staying home with me – YEAH. I got a few tedious life things done (file papers, open mail, renew car insurance, change homeowner’s insurance), got a few work things done (worked on March’s class/workshop schedule for The Point, worked on cleaning up our house pattern file), so I felt perfectly good about eating fudge and knitting.

I finished the back of David’s vest and started on the front:

Mr GreenJeans is far enough along to try on. I need to do a few more inches on the length before going to the sleeves and band

Last week I got over my hatred of finishing to sew up my Pin up Queen from Stitch ‘n Bitch. I wore it to work and asked Cale, who works with me, to take a picture in front of the store.

He then put the camera on that continuous setting and took a zillion pictures including those where I was threatening to kill him

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