As my pal Nell would say . . .

How ironical (our favorite fake word, right in front of irregardless).  The last few days have been a crazy roller coaster.

So I was writing a post last Wednesday, trying to will myself out of a bad mood.  I hit save and was feeling better . . . but not for long.  After some terrible Google experience which I can’t go into . . . my blog was gone.  What?  My blog was gone.  What was that now?  My blog was gone, where there was a blog, there was a blog no more.  AHHHHHH!!!!  Does anyone back up their blog, their life?  Not me, nope.  Not a word, not a picture of a work in progress.  Nothing.  After a fluky, try to delete an old gmail address, accidentally delete a google account, blogbegone moment, the last year of my life was gone.  Okay, not my actual life, but my record of it.  I discovered it on Thursday morning before I went to work.  Ever try to find the contact info for Google or Blogger.  Finding the Holy Grail would be a tiny bit easier.  I had to leave for work, so I gave up.  I spent the whole day at work being distracted and depressed.  I didn’t go to my knitting group because I had to go home and spend all night on the computer desperate for help.  After reading some tragic “official” line from Blogger stating simply, “If you delete you Google account, your blog is gone” I got some help from some other Bloggers.  After nearly 48 hours of my blog being gone, I got an e-mail from Google Friday night saying they were able to restore my account.  I WAS BACK.  
Okay, feeling pretty good.  Went to work on Saturday, and because of a serious of events not worth going into, I ended up leaving work 11 1/2 hours later.   I wasn’t feeling so good from having gotten not a lot of sleep, and (ironically) despite my exhustion, I couldn’t go to sleep.  I finally dozed off at 5:00ish, only to be woken up by a phone call at 6:45 am.  It was my asst. saying she was really sick with the flu and couldn’t come into work.  So sad.  I slept for an hour, before getting up throwing on some clothes and heading to work.  I poured about a half a pot of coffee down my gullet.  I was now exhusted and crazy wide awake at the same time.  I was there from 9:00 – 1:00 pm and then Helane (the owner) came to take over for me (she had been sick herself the day before, but she wanted me to get some sleep).  I went home and went to sleep for 2 hours.
When I woke up David and I walked to the Pavillion movie theatre right on Prospect Park.  It was an amazingly beautiful day.  We saw Juno (GREAT movie) and then walked through the park.  It was about 5:30 pm and the park was so quiet and still.  There were lots of people in the park, and dogs, but everyone was quiet.  It was like everyone there wanted to enjoy the late afternoon light, the crunch of leaves under their feet and the magic of the park.  Just then we saw an albino squirrel.  I felt like my crappy streak was over and I was feeling pretty great.  We went home and had a great dinner and watched a movie.
Today .  . . I locked myself out of my apartment (sigh).  Well . . . tomorrow is another day.

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  • jenni February 7, 2008   Reply →

    Hi- I did the same thing last year & I was reading on how you got your blog restored–where can I start?? I would love to have my old blog back! (I started a new one b/c I couldn’t ever get my old one back) I had it for a year & didn’t like switching to the new Blogger Beta & didn’t realize what I was doing. Any help would be greatful. my email is
    Thank you so much!

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