Feather and Fan detour

After the most recent debacle with the Feather and Fan Cardigan, I was happy to set it aside for a bit for two knitting distractions. The first one was knitting cupcakes for the shop window. An addictive little pattern and a great way to get rid of scrap yarn. I’m up to five so far!

The second is a little larger . . . my brother’s 11″ x 8′ scarf. What? That’s right, my beloved brother wants an 11″ x 8′ scarf. I bought Cascade Magnum so I wouldn’t be knitting for the rest of my adult life. Only one problem . . . it’s so damn thick that his neck may be slightly strained under the weight of it. I’m doing a basket weave with it:

Monday I’ll start the Feather and Fan again . . . and clean the apartment . . . and start exercising . . . and file my receipts . . . and catch up on e-mail.

Or maybe next week.

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