Long lost friends, springtime and other contradictions

I’ve been missing my friends lately. It’s my own fault. We say we’re going to stay in touch but we never do. Life gets in the way. We are spread all over the place now. My pals Maggie, Tom & Rachel are in Chicago, Michele is in Ohio, Genevra is in Carbondale, 1 Francesca is in California, 1 Francesca (that’s right I know two) is on tour and god only knows when she’s coming home. Just as I was really missing my old friends I got a call from Michele to say she’s visiting NY!!! Yeah, I needed a bit of home.

Time is moving so fast that spring totally snuck up on me. We’ve done NOTHING in the garden, yet spring comes whether you do anything about it or not. I went up to check things out and saw:

Nature doesn’t really wait for you to catch up!

The Feather and Fan Cardigan is coming along, and I can safely report that Classic Elite Soft Linen takes being ripped out and frogged VERY well. I’ve screwed up this pattern more than I can say.

Here it is so far

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  • Brittique April 5, 2008   Reply →

    Oh dear! You’ll have to tell me the issues with the cardigan before I start mine. I’m just making myself finish a pair of sock before I cast on.

    See you at The Point again soon, Nicole (and Ralf).

  • Patty April 5, 2008   Reply →

    The issues are all me. Knitting feather and fan on the subway, and screwing it up. The pattern is fine . .. I’m a mess

  • David Johnston April 9, 2008   Reply →

    No, you’re not a mess. But you should give me a call or email so we can all go out for drinks/dinner.

  • Anonymous May 21, 2008   Reply →

    i am knitting this sweater and it’s driving me NUTS! I have also (as you have said) ripped out more than i can say and the yarn is really holding up nicely… do you have any tips? I am making the medium size…it’s for my mother, by her request! ugghhh! I am so frustrated with it tonight!! cussing at it and ready to throw it across the room!!

  • Patty May 22, 2008   Reply →

    There really is no secret to it other than don’t watch TV while you’re knitting it. My issue was not the pattern, but trying to knit feather and fan while watching LOST, just is a bad idea.

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