One step forward, two steps back

Everytime I make a little progress with this pattern I realize how much I’ve screwed it up and have to rip back to fix it. This pattern is feeling like a metaphor for my life lately. Ah well, if only it were as easy to frog your life and just go back a few rows/years.

I was almost to binding off the left sleeve and upper bodice of the Soft Linen Feather and Fan Cardigan when I realized I forgot to change to the LEFT bodice instructions and I had just repeated the right bodice again. Since I’m not a mutant. That ain’t gonna work. Frog (again)

Saturday night I got home from work at my favorite time in my favorite season in my favorite place. It was twilight, springtime in Park Slope. I went straight up to the roof to check out the light and see our garden.

Here’s the Park Slope springtime sky

As for the garden, the woefully untended garden, well, springtime is nature’s do over. Gives me hope that I can keep reinventing myself and still be okay.

The tree we moved last fall . . . we didn’t kill!

The tulips bulbs that we didn’t move up in the bed after we dug up the Dahlia’s . . . in bold defiance of our neglect, decided to bloom

and the Flowering Quince that we killed from a total lack of watering, decided to give us another chance

We’ll try to do better this year.

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  • Diane April 14, 2008   Reply →

    You are my hero! Since I’ve never done lace before, I thought that my “one line forward, two lines back” was indicative of my lack of experience with this sweater.
    Thank. You.
    (But it still isn’t moving any faster!)And I’m regretting not using the yarn called for, because I have CotLin, and I figure I need *some* elasticity for all this frogging!
    At any rate, thanks for sharing your progress – you are keeping me going!


  • Alyssa April 21, 2008   Reply →

    Beautiful! I wish I could grow things on my roof. We’re on the first floor so we get barely any light. Plants just die in my apartment but to have a roof garden…ah that would be wonderful.

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