Springtime & Passover

It’s that time of year when our thoughts turn to Matzo and mulching. I had two swell Seders with David & our pal Nell and two big gardening days.

Sunday we tried to play catch up in the garden, and I continued for four hours on Monday. Things are still pretty behind, and we had some casualties. The peach tree looks pretty damn dead.

We did manage to plant a bunch of veggies, we put in lettuce, broccoli, eggplant, zucchini, red pepper, yellow pepper, basil, sage, lavender. Today I got the Canna in and divided and planted all the Dahlia bulbs in starter pots.

(The lilac tree about to bloom)
(The Gerber Daisies) 

(The Peonies a comin up!)(Our AMAZING climbing roses . . . stay tuned for when these babies bloom)

(The Lilies, you’ll have to wait until late July until these bloom)

(My favorite tree ever – the Japanese Maple)

(The first of the Strawberries coming in)

(The peppers, zucchini & herbs)

(The, now, sad looking lettuce . . . just wait)

(The basil & eggplant)


So, after two backbreaking days of gardening . . . I present, our April deck. Not much to look at now, but it will be:

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  • Moms90 May 5, 2008   Reply →

    Hi Patty, I love your garden. I believe we might have met recently. I took a private spindle/spinning class at the Point Cafe w/Alexandra!!! Good to know we’re not so far from each other. I too live in Park Slope!!

  • Patty May 5, 2008   Reply →

    I love Park Slope! I met Alexandra a few years ago at the Park Slope Knitting group. Isn’t she the BEST spinning teacher ever?

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