I love spring!

Springtime has put me in the mind of spinning again. Springtime always makes me want to try again. Next step, getting into shape. . . but for now, it’s spinning. Last week I finished another 200 yards. Only one tiny problem. My spinning has gotten much better since I started, so I now have two totally different gauges.

So I did a gauge swatch first from one ball then from the other. REALLY DIFFERENT!

The bottom of the swatch is the older handspun (about 15 st/4 in) while the top of the swatch from the most recent (20 st / 4 in). . . hmmm.

I was going to use the handspun for a cardigan, so I’ll either use the chunkier stuff for the back or the sleeves. Can’t decide.

Upstairs in my knitting oasis, springtime is developing nicely. The Iris’s have started to bloom

The strange wildflowers that came from nowhere are blooming

and the veggies are going nuts!

I’m still plugging along on the miles of stockinette of the Feather and Fan Cardigan, and the lace scarf, but I took a little detour to knock out a little one skein neck warmer for the shop. One of The Point’s most popular yarns is Misti Alpaca. We introduced a one skein scarf a few months ago that was a huge hit, and now we have this cute little one skein neck warmer.

Here it is knit up in the handpainted chunky. SOOO soft

I also treated myself to three skeins of the amazing Alchemy Silk Purse. We just got it in last week and it’s flying off the shelves. I’m going to make the Lotus Blossom Tank with these beauties

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