Life’s ups and horrible downs

Life can be a crazy up and down affair. Sunday was one of my best day in ages, then Monday I got some devastatingly sad news about a friend, Tuesday I felt like crap all day, and today after some, shall we say, return of breakfast, I stayed home sick from work. After a nap and a shower I’m feeling a little better. Tomorrow is another day.

Getting back to Sunday. . . I finished my brother’s freakishly large scarf (just in time for summer). This will keep him warm on the South Pole!

I also finished spinning up & plying my second skein of handspun. Here it is drying up on the deck

And posing in the sun amongst the plants on the roof deck.

On the other side of the skein you can see a few hugely fluffy, chunky bits. Ah well

Speaking of the deck . . . two weeks ago we planted our veggies in our amazing Earth Boxes! Check out two weeks of growth:

Broccoli two weeks ago 

Broccoli now!

Zucchini, Peppers & Herbs two weeks ago

and now (huge plant in the middle is the Zucchini)

The lilacs are blooming and the Iris’ are coming in:

Soon it was time to head over to Prospect Park for a little knitting outside with the Prospect Park Knitting Group. It was a perfect day. On the way I passed my favorite garden in spring time. There is a house whose yarn is filled end to end with tulips. Gorgeous!

My Feather & Fan Cardigan is to the miles of stockinette section . . . perfect for a knitting group. You can talk and not screw it up!

After a few dreamy hours knitting in the park I came home and decided to dust off the pasta maker. I haven’t made pasta from scratch in over a year. I made a lovely basil fettucini and David came home and whipped up a fantastic spinach pesto. It was a perfect day.

I guess the perfect days wouldn’t seem quite so perfect without the crappy days. I’ve had three kind of not so great days. I’m ready for my next good one.

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  • Rebecca May 8, 2008   Reply →

    Hope you’re feeling better – mentally and physically! The garden looks amazing!

  • knithound bkln May 27, 2008   Reply →

    in the picture of the tulips you made a freudian slip! you described their yard as a yarn!!!! Ha!

    How awesome is that?!

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