Yarn reinvention

It’s 95 degrees in New York . . . for the third day in a row! I had no idea when I started the Point Temperature Lottery (10% off all yarn when it’s over 90 degrees, 15% off all yarn when it’s over 95 degrees, 20% off all yarn when it’s over 100%) we’d be hitting lottery days in the first week of June!!!

I’m hiding in the airconditioning reinventing my yarn. I did a special order of 2 bags of Cascade Magnum for my brother’s freakishly large scarf, and ended up only using 1 bag. So know I have two skeins of Cascade Magnum left, and I don’t feel like knitting with it.

I was looking at it and it’s like pencil roving, so . . . I’m spinning it

My hope is to turn this single ply 2 st/in yarn into a 3 ply 5 st/in yarn

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