Small Town Brooklyn

I really do love our Brooklyn weekends. After two of the hardest weeks I’ve ever had, this weekend was SOOOOO what I needed. The last two weeks have been back-brakingly hard (yarn is NOT light when packed by the hundreds in cases), so what I needed more then anything was to relax. Saturday it was blustery and wet, so we stayed home all day. I got on the spinning wheel in the morning, and didn’t stop spinning until my pal Nell came over. We then cracked out the wine, cheese and Paul Newman documentary we added to our Netflix cue the day he died.

I’m really happy with the yarn I spun. It’s my very first three ply yarn. One ply is the Cascade Magnum I started spinning when I got sick of knitting with it

The other ply is the Corredale roving I bought from Morro Fleece Works

And the third ply is a mix of them both. It resulted in a pretty dreamy mix

I took it up to the garden to dry in the sun

and here it is all skeined up . . . mmmm

I still have tons more to spin, so I should get a whole sweater’s worth out of it.

Much to my shock, although we’ve left it TOTALLY unattended, the garden doesn’t look half bad

Even more bizarre . . . veggies are still growing.

Last night David made our (probably) last meal made from our crop. Pasta w/ eggplant, peppers, tomato, basil, green beans. Every bit of it (except the pasta) grown in our own little Brooklyn roof top farm.

Today was sunny and georg, so we headed over to the Fort Greene Halloween Festival. Brooklyn often feels like a small town to me, and anytime we go to these park festivals, I feel like this could just as easily be the town fair in Stars Hallow (Gilmore Girls anyone???).

We got there right at noon in time for the Dog costume show – The Great PUPkin! Here’s a few cuties:

Goldie Locks & the Wolf that ate Grandma:

Lego Helicopter (runner up)
Peter Pan
Laverne (of & Shirley)

Peas & Carrots (Third Prize)

More food . . . Sundae

yet more food . . . Lobster Dog
Dancing Queen

Sweet 16 (she really was 16, and it took a LONG time for the old gal to walk around the ring)



The stubborn Caterpillar (second prize)

Then there were many political dogs. Our first place winner was Joe the Plumber tries to fix the Fort Green Dog fountain (an inside dog owner joke). What pushed him over the top, was the fountain was rigged up to shoot water . . . very cute

Lipstick on a Pig

Revenge on Sara Palin

Continuing with the same theme. Here’s Palin & McCain (note the devil tail & horns) guns a blazing w/ a moose & polar bear. Here she “shoots” both dogs

The golden parachute

And my personal favorite, a truly Brooklyn entry . . . Marty “Barkowitz” and Bruce Ratner. For those of you not from Brooklyn, click here

After they took a turn around the ring, someone in the crowd shouted “roll over for emminent domain”, and the dog promtly rolled over . . . genius!

We ended with a late afternoon walk in Prospect Park, and then back home for some knitting. Tomorrow it’s back to hauling furniture & boxes around (sigh)

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  • Brooke October 26, 2008   Reply →

    I’m looking at moving to Manhattan, but Brooklyn is calling my name!

  • Patty October 27, 2008   Reply →

    Brooklyn is the place to be!

  • Alyssa October 28, 2008   Reply →

    beautiful yarn! I need to get a spinning wheel so I can spin greater quantities, this spindle thing is just not doing it for me anymore.

  • Rebecca October 28, 2008   Reply →

    Your handspun is soooo pretty! What will you make out of it?

  • Patty October 28, 2008   Reply →

    Have NO idea . . . if only I knew some great knitwear designer . . . hmmm 🙂

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