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I’ve felt all over the place lately. These last three weeks have been an utter blur. The Studio opened on Tuesday and I’ve been working pretty much non stop to get to the opening. Last weekend I was trying to get my Vanna Glamour shawl done for the opening night party. I looked at my couch and realized my knitting was a scattered as my brain felt.

I somehow had four projects going at once. . . not at all like me. First I decided to whip out a shawl in two days. I decided to do a simple three rows of drop stitch and then an eyelet row

Here’s a couple of bad pics

The other couch projects . . . My first crochet scarf (I decided I needed to beef up my crochet skills for the Studio)

David’s Cobblestone Sweater

and there’s STILL the bam boo top that I totally lost interest in now that it’s no longer summer

Today was my first day off where I didn’t work all day (I did work until about 3:00 pm), but tomorrow . . . NOTHING. I will give myself a whole day off! Now it’s time to light a fire and knit

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