Time Moves Slowly & Quickly

It’s November. Finally? Already?

On the one hand, when it comes to the Presidential election . . . FINALLY it’s November. I felt like it would never be here. I don’t remember a time when this campaign was not going on. On the other hand, it seems like a minute ago it was June and I was going to enjoy a summer. Time moves in strange ways. Seemingly dragging on endlessly and whipping by so fast, you don’t know how you got to be forty something.

Studs Terkel, my beloved Studs, finally died the other day. On the one hand, he was 96, had a good run, lost his wife years ago, and was probably ready to go. On the other hand . . . five more days!!! If he had just held on five more days he (god willing) might have seen the first African American President, from his own State no less. After all he’d seen, the last of the great liberals, having to suffer through the last eight years. It made me sad.

This weekend I also greeted and said goodbye to two of my favorite things. I love Halloween, and I love the fall. On Friday night David and I went to our adorable local Halloween Parade. It is our Park Slope neighborhoods G rated version of the Halloween Parade, all dogs and kids.

Saturday was a, stay in your pajamas, light a fire, and sit and the spinning wheel all day, kind of day. I really needed that. It’s my last weekend of calm before all the pre opening events in the next two weeks leading up to the Grand Opening (photo shoots, member preview days, staff open house, private parties . . . lots)

Sunday it was time to say goodbye to the garden for the summer. Time to dig up the Glads, Cannas & Dahlias, cut down the lillies, bag all the clippings and put the garden to sleep for the season.

Insanely enough we still had more tomatoes, peppers & green beans to pick.

The craziest thing was the sweet potato we dug up. Every year we plant a couple of sweet potato vines. This year we only planted one, tiny plant, it grew into the plant you see above (after we ripped it out of the ground). The plant just has plain old roots when you plant it, but by fall when you dig it up there roots turn into a potato. It’s usually a medium size potato, but this year it was larger than my head! Crazy

You might not hear from me until we get through the

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